Online Stores

  Online Shops -We can provide and setup an online shop for you, some people also refer to this as eCommerce but either way we can get you selling on the web. Our solutions can be a stand alone store or integrated within your website, in fact some businesses just run an on line store as their main website.

A logical step for many companies after implementing a website is to setup an online store that will allow their customers to purchase goods online. Bluewave Web Solutions can assist with setting up your online shop, we can provide a wide range of shop templates to suit the industry you are in and our shops can interact with payment gateways to accept payment via Credit and Debit cards and other methods such as PayPal and Worldpay.

Security is a key aspect of any store and the hosting packages we provide can also be setup to include an SSL certificate to ensure maximum security.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible store that once setup to your requirements will allow you to manage it from that point forward, stores can be setup to provide all you need from a web interface including invoicing, delivery notes, credit notes and email notification to customers.

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